The Awesome Blog

Mary posted a great blog of the whole birth experience... (Not gross)
It did a really good job explaining how it all goes down.

Go Mary!

See link below

Mary Bank Blog Post


New Favorite

Found my new favorite picture


Squirmy Worm and a Picture

So I am trying to get a couple of photos I have in mind. So far, he is doing everything in his power to be difficult but I will get them sooner or later :P


It's a Boy!

April 17 2011 he finally made it.

Ryan Charles Bank 8lbs 11 oz. Now the fun is really about to start. It has definatly changed my definition of what I consider to be a lot of sleep.. down from 11 hours to 2...

He's awesome and totally worth it. I'm going to post most my pictures here and on Flickr so I dont start cheezing my friends off on facebook so keep an eye here





New Baby, New Gear!

So with the baby coming soon, I realized that I dont have that much time left before I will be doing a lot more shooting, specifially portrate shots which I have never done before so I picked up a new stand and umbrella to hold my speedlights and played around this afternoon. Good fun.

Click here to see the results


Showing Dan And Vanessa how to do this

This is a new journal entry



Managed to get out a few more times before the season ends. 10 bucks can't be beat!


Subject of Cats

I realize this is just going to be a random place I can put my photos I enjoy... Anyways while on the subject of cats, (see post below) I took a couple the other night as Mary and I were going to bed


Enigma sunning

If you own an iPhone 4 you have no excuse not to own camera+ Its the best app you can own for this phone. Here is a photo of Enigma soaking in some sun


Day before adventure

Here way are. The day before our big trip to Massassauga provincial park. We bought all the fancy toys and read all the websites. Hopefully all goes well. The only problem with these boats is it makes us look like professionals when we really have no idea what we are doing. We set off around 4 for the 2h 30 min drive and from there we have an hour paddling trip to get to our site. Wish us the best!


iPhone test

As the title suggests, I am posting this from my iPhone. This is really neat. I think when we go to Orlando I will use this as a way to bring updates to my site. Note- I know the photo has nothing to do with my post. I was testing the iPhone photo upload feature. I bet you didn't know you can't resize from within the iPhone app. Who looks foolish now?


Flower Picts

I uploaded some pictures of flowers I took while at the Royal Botanical Gardens a couple of weeks back with Mary.

This both helped me test the Gallery function on the site as well as I plan on putting a collection of my favorite pictures here. More photos after the break


Testing out SquareSpace

Hey Guys,

So here were are again. I have left AMHosting as my web provider and have now switched to SquareSpace. I have already done some initial testing and have officially already accidentally wiped my entire site after playing with it for 2 hours. That was kinda a bummer... won't lie. But that's why I am testing it. 

So far this has shown a lot of promise. 

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